Manage Office 365 apps

Manage Office 365 apps

Easily manage a variety of popular Office 365 apps including OneDrive, Skype for Business, and Teams, all from within the Inscape365 platform.

Enable flexible working

Give your employees access to Office 365 apps on the go and help them work more productively.

Secure your information

Ensure your data is safe across your devices by setting policies and permissions from one central place.

Ensure better control

See the levels of access to your Office 365 apps across your user base.

Manage Office 365 apps

Customize for your business

By managing Office 365 apps centrally, see how users interact with apps and swiftly deploy add-ins and features to your tools to better empower your employees.

Respond to requests faster

IT is inundated with multiple requests. Reduce the time it takes to view and respond to Office 365 app requests by managing them through the Inscape365 platform.

Office 365 value enhancer

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Onboarding and offboarding

Improve your provisioning and de-provisioning process and enable your entire IT infrastructure to run more smoothly.

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