Datacenter Map and Mailbox Location Tracking

Mailbox location tracking and datacenter map

Easily check the exact location of your organization’s mailboxes in Office 365 and make sure you’re compliant with location-based regulations.

Control your data storage

Give yourself more control over where exactly your Exchange Online content is stored and how best to access the content.

Robust governance

When you can pinpoint the exact location of your content you can put in place a more precise governance and compliance strategy.

A complete datacenter map

See where your servers are located worldwide. Keep track of where your data is being stored, how much of it is being stored and where.

Datacenter Map and Mailbox Location Tracking

Streamlined mailbox administration

Give your IT team instant access to the locations of your mailboxes, reduce delays and improve the organization of your content.

Cost-effective storage

When you can see important information about how your mailboxes are organized you can make faster, better decisions.

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