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Automate and improve your provisioning and deprovisioning process and enable your entire IT infrastructure to run smoothly.

Optimize how you manage your Office 365 licenses and see how you can save time and money.

Easily check the exact location of your organization’s mailboxes in Office 365 and make sure you’re compliant with location-based regulations.

Track your Azure Active Directory security risk metrics and Secure Score and see and address security risks immediately.

See what’s going on in your organization. Advanced reporting and analytics enable you to see your business from a new perspective.

Easily manage a variety of popular Office 365 apps including OneDrive, Skype for Business, and Teams, all from within Inscape 365.

Mailbox management

Easily manage all of your mailbox requirements including litigation hold, folder permissions, shared mailboxes, forward mailboxes, mailbox security audits, and more.

Password management

Simple password management including setting passwords, set passwords to never expire or to expire, and force user to change password at next login.

Role-based access controls

Role-based access control let's you decide who on your team has what privileges to perform duties in Inscape365.

PST Exporter

If you need to export mailboxes from the Office 365 cloud to your on-premises environment or HR search, the PST Exporter feature makes it simple and intuitive.

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